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By Jon Hayden                                                                    

 The Youth group just finished studying the book of Romans. I thought that I would share some of the ideas expressed during our review of Romans. We had a short quiz and then outlined some of the themes of Romans. See if you can answer the quiz questions. The answers are at the end of the article.
1.   Where is the book of Romans located in the Bible? (Extra credit for naming the book before and the book after Romans)
2.   Who wrote the book of Romans?
3.   To whom was the book of Romans written?
4.   Where was the writer of Romans living when he wrote Romans?
5.   Had the writer of Romans been to Rome before writing Romans?
6.   Did the writer of Romans use a scribe? (If so extra credit for the name of the scribe)
7.   Name one of the two Old Testament individuals that the writer of Romans mentioned as having faith.
8.   What Law are we set free from?
9.   What did the writer of Romans say about obeying the government?
10. Are you supposed to judge each other?
The themes of Romans that the youth mentioned were
1.   Faith – a major theme of Romans. We need to live by faith which manifests itself by a belief in God and a trusting relationship with Jesus.
2.   Salvation for all. - Much of Romans equates the sin and quilt of the Jews with that of the Gentiles noting that neither have salvation outside of a relationship with Christ.
3.   Behavior – Several chapters deal with our behavior with each other. How are we to relate to others who don’t have the same thoughts about secondary issues such as food, dress, music …? We are to put the other person’s convictions first and try to not offend them with our actions. We are also to obey the civil government as long as that does not interfere with our obedience to God.
4.   Love – Both God’s love and our love to each other and God. This is shown by how we put others before ourselves.
5.   Grace – The willingness of God to forgive and forget our sins and to redeem us.
1.   New Testament (between Acts and 1 Corinthians)
2.   Paul
3.   The Christians living in Rome.
4.   Corinth.
5.   No
6.   Yes (Tertius)
7.   David or Abraham
8.   The Law of Sin and Death.
9.   Yes
10.  No