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Asleep at the Wheel

By Pastor Casey Higgins

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. Psalm 91:11,12
Travel is always a part of a district pastor’s life. Much like the circuit riding preachers of years ago encountered. My experience has been much the same, and while travel is part of the joy in district work, it also is one of the biggest hazards. Because of that, I am not surprised that travel is also where I have often experienced God's protection and deliverance on my own behalf.

I was in a district located in southwest Minnesota with two churches that were about 60 miles apart. This meant a fair amount of driving across Minnesota's farmland and though a number of small towns. At times our church meetings would last quite late into the night and I would then face the long drive home while struggling to stay awake.

This particular evening I found it especially difficult, for I was already exhausted when I entered my car to begin the hour or so trip home. My thoughts slowed to a crawl and my eyes kept wanting to shut as I drove the darkened roads. Then quite suddenly, it seemed, I was sitting in my car in front of our house. D
esperately, I searched my memory for recollections of the trip, but could only recall things from the first twenty or thirty miles. What about that small town half way along the trip? Or the county road intersections where I had to turn unto another roadway? Or, our own town where I had to drive through and then cross a major railroad before driving the last 5 miles out to our home? None of these were there in my memory. I had somehow traveled more than thirty miles through all these places and had now awakened at my own front door. How did it happen?

If I had been living in the days of horse and buggy, I would have credited and thanked my faithful horse for bringing me safely home. But this was now, and it was just me and my car! Or was it?

With a heart filled with gratitude and amazement, I stepped out of the car and into our home, knowing that heaven had intervened and cared for me. It makes me anxious to meet and thank my heavenly companion for what he did for me that night.

How often has God sent his angelic messengers to hold each one of us from experiencing a major accident or disaster, is only going to be revealed when we reach heaven.