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God's Saving Power

By Pastor Casey Higgins

“Now know I that the Lord saves his anointed; he answers him from his holy heaven with the saving power of his right hand. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. Psalms 20:6, 7
At the risk of being redundant, let me share with you another story of how God has cared for and saved me while traveling, and how it is often at time that we have failed to show the best judgment or caution.
I was serving in a church district that required a commute of over an hour between my two churches. This particular weekend I had returned home late Friday afternoon to our home … after taking Carmen and our daughter Kim up to Canada to spend some time visiting the family that lives there.
Sabbath was going to be a busy day for me at the distant church where we were scheduled to have an afternoon baptism and a potluck dinner following the regular church services.

As I went to bed late that evening, it occurred to me that I hadn’t checked with my church leader to make sure he had filled the baptistery and turned the water heater on. It was unfortunate that this leader had no phone and I could not think of a way to reach him at this late hour. Finally, I decided I must rise early and make the trip over to ensure that the baptistery was filled and ready. With that in mind, I managed just an hour or so of light sleep before I got up and left for the church.

Upon arriving, I found that everything was, indeed, ready, so I waited for the services to start our full day of activities.

After the baptism, the church members pressed me to stay for the potluck and to visit with some of the day’s guests. Finally, late that afternoon, I was able to leave and start the long drive home. Now, thoroughly exhausted, I fought drowsiness as I held on to the steering wheel.

About twenty minutes into my trip, I must have simply “blacked out”, for the next thing I realized I was flying off the roadway into a deep ditch on the opposite side of the highway at full speed. My first thought was, “Don’t roll this car over” as we hit the ground at a steep angle and shot out into a farmer’s field of soybeans.

Fortunately, the car remained upright and I was able to bring it around, back down into the ditch and back up onto the highway.
Only God’s protective power kept me from a very serious accident, avoiding any oncoming traffic, failing to roll the car as it went into the ditch, and then avoiding the rocks, trees, and power poles that lined the edge of the field.

Hopefully, I have learned from such encounters to use greater caution and not overextend myself in such circumstances. But the greatest lesson I have taken from this is how compassionate and caring our heavenly Father is. He saves us even when we fail and make mistakes.  When we don’t use the best judgment. What an awesome God we serve!