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Gods Angelic Bodyguards

By Pastor Casey Higgins

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.
​—Hebrews 4:16.

Dr. David Jeremiah tells of a missionary who was home on furlough and recounting an experience where he had God’s special protection.

While serving in Africa he had to make a trip by bicycle through the jungle every two weeks to get supplies for their small clinic. This required one night sleeping in the jungle going each way.

One night unbeknownst to him, a group of men followed him from the town where he had purchased supplies intending to rob and kill him. But as they approached his campsite where he was sleeping, they all saw a sight that startled them and sent them scurrying back to their own homes.

On his next trip one of these would be robbers came up to him and confessed what they had intended to do.

He told the missionary that as they approached him where he was sleeping, suddenly they saw 16 tall shining men dressed all in white standing guard around the sleeping missionary. They were so overpowering in their size and brightness that it drove the would-be attackers away.

As the returned missionary told this story to his home church, a man in the congregation stood up and inquired what the date of that experience was.

After thinking it over the missionary told him the date.

The member consulted a personal planner and explained to the missionary the reason he had inquired about that date.

That very time, which was nighttime in Africa but day time here in North America, he was preparing to head out to have some recreation time. However, a very strong impression came over him that he should pray for this particular missionary. So he called several men in the church and asked them to join him in a special prayer meeting at the church for their missionary friend. They all came.

“Now” said the member, “would each of you men stand up who joined me here in prayer.” Sixteen men in all stood to their feet.

Now it was the missionary’s turn to be amazed.

Truly, there is mercy and grace that God gives as we approach His throne in times of need.
(Taken from God’s Unexpected Blessings, edited by Kathy C Miller. 1998.)