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Finding a Needle in a Haystack

By Pastor Casey Higgins

Leslie Hardinge was working on his doctoral dissertation and was having to consult many sources for his paper. Many of these sources were in Latin or in old Irish. All these sources had to be properly noted and correctly included in his footnotes and bibliography.

Much time was spent proofreading and checking the source materials.
There was one very important statement for which Mr. Hardinge had no book reference. Somehow it had been lost or misplaced. The longer he searched for it, the more hopeless the task appeared to be. He prayed over the matter for two weeks or longer.

Then one afternoon, before he began his study and work in the Bodleian Library in Oxford, he prayed again about this urgently needed source. After praying he waited a few minutes asking God to direct him. He then had the distinct impression to look up a particular work that consisted of four large volumes.

He went the area of the library where these were and stood in front of them wondering where to start searching for “needle in the haystack.” Reaching out, he took the third volume of the set and placed it on a little table nearby. Opening this 1200-page volume at random, his eyes fell directly upon the very sentence he had been searching for these many days. How his heart throbbed with gratitude and praise for God directing and guiding of his search.

(Taken from the book, I Know God Hears by Zella Holbert. Review and Herald Pub. 1976.)