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Don’t Leave Town in This Car

By Pastor Casey Higgins

 “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5
“Pastor, don’t leave town in this car.” My daughters used it to get from home to the high school, and I was constantly being called to come and get them because of breakdowns. The man talking with me was one of my church members who had stored a 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit in one of the sheds at the home I was renting. It had been sitting in storage for several months and now he had come to me offering to give me the vehicle. However, he felt compelled to warn me about its lack of reliability before I started using it.

I thanked him for his warning and concern, but didn’t mention to him that I was at a point where I was going to have to depend on this car for most of my travel. Our family car was having major transmission failure and engine breakdowns. This car was actually an answer to prayer, and I was going to have to depend on it for some time.

As I usually did when getting a different vehicle, I prayed over it. Laying my hand upon its hood, giving it to the service of God, and reminding God I would be calling on him if it broke down or left me stranded.

It was a typical students car; older, lots of miles, with the interior showing a lot of wear. The inside of the roof was a sheet covered with signatures and well wishes from the previous user’s classmates. However, it was a good little car, it ran well, and it was economical.

At first I wondered about my trips throughout our district and then throughout the state. But God’s grace was over that car, and it ran smoothly and reliably all over the Mid-west. In fact, we put more than 25,000 miles on that car before God helped us acquire another vehicle.

One of my church members, who was an auto mechanic, commented to another member, “If I were to drive the vehicles that the Pastor drives, I wouldn’t make it out of the state.”

Obviously, God was the source of that car’s reliability and performance.

If we commit ourselves, as well as our possessions to God, He can truly be counted on to bring our lives to the desired goal. After all, He is the master at repairing things, restoring things, and giving life to the dying.