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Man In The White T-Shirt

By Pastor Casey Higgins

“As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them, but they were kept from recognizing him.” Luke 24:15,16
A group of Christians were holding an overnight prayer and worship service recently in a Minnesota city when a man walked in and asked the hostess in the foyer if this building was a church.
He was a Moslem and of Middle East decent. He explained that he had been reading accounts of various followers Islam having encounters with Jesus Christ and who believed He was the Messiah of the Koran.
In fact, he had recently purchased a Bible and was reading it to learn more about who the person Jesus was.
“Would someone at this meeting talk with me about Jesus?”
The hostess gladly agreed, and went and found one of the men who was the spiritual leader of the group worshiping that evening.
After talking at length with the visitor, they had prayer and “Zach” the Muslim young man was baptized.
Zach then left to go to his home, but returned to the church in about 45 minutes looking rather confused.
He had driven across town intending to go home for the night when he had noticed a person walking along the road in a very white T-shirt.
Since it was about 2 a.m. and rather unusual for anyone to be out walking at that time of night Zach decided to offer the man a ride home.
The offer was accepted and when Zach asked the man where he could take him to, the man asked Zach where he had come from.
Zach explained he had come from a church where he had been learning about Jesus.
That’s where you can take me was the request of the white-shirted man. So, thinking maybe this man wanted to learn about Jesus too, Zach turned his car around and returned to the church. As they pulled into the parking lot, Zach turned to tell the man that this was the place, but at that moment the person riding in the car with him simply vanished.
Startled and confused, Zach walked back into the church and told the leaders what had just happened.
I think that God wants me to be here for sure, was his statement.
Our God still is making personal visits and appeals to human hearts.
The wonderful thing about this is that wherever Jesus is being lifted up and worshiped, He is there. We have the awesome privilege of His presence as we gather together and lift Him up in our hearts and words.