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The Lost Check

By Pastor Casey Higgins

“Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” John 16:24
The check was gone! Jack had no idea where it might have disappeared.
He searched his office, throughout the house, the cars and truck, and went through the trash and garbage. Still no trace of the check. So he repeated the whole search again. Still he found nothing.
It was a sizable check, for several thousand dollars, for which Jack need the money to pay his mounting bills. He had postponed cashing it, fearing he might spend it on less important things, and now when it was needed he couldn’t find it.
Finally, in desperation, he prayed earnestly asking that God would help him find the missing check that very day for the bills that had to be paid.
A peace settled upon his heart and he went on about his work with a calmness that wasn’t characteristic of him under such circumstances.
Late in the afternoon, he happened to see his truck loaded with the trash and garbage he was planning to take to the dump. The thought came that he should do that today, but as he was tired and didn’t feel like making a trip away from the house he resisted the idea. But still it continued until he went out and drove the load to the landfill. There he carefully searched all the trash bags once more before discarding them.
Finally finished with the trash haul he drove home and parked the truck behind the house where he saw the plum tree that was filled with ripened plums.
Again, he was impressed with an idea. This time it was that he needed to pick the plums before a bear might come and strip the tree of all the plums.
And again he resisted the idea because of being tired and wanting to just go inside and rest. But once inside he couldn’t shake the conviction that the plums needed picking. So complaining inwardly to himself about having to do this job at this time, he went outside once more and picked most of the plums.
Then, carrying the fruit back to the house, he happened to go around the truck on the passenger side. As he passed the door of the truck, he was stopped mid-stride with the strong impression to open the passenger side door.
As soon as the door opened, an envelope fell to the ground. Instantly Jack knew it contained the lost check.
All day God had been directing him towards the location and the finding of his desired check. Even when he resisted, God had persisted in bringing the answer to his prayer.
How patient and persistent our God is in revealing his love and grace.