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By Matthew Hohnberger                                                                    
Therefore, I have been pondering a thought about the impact our lives, as Christians, have on those around us. Do I have any impact? Being a Christian myself is a good thing, but what is the value of being a Christian beyond my own salvation?
While pondering these thoughts I read Psalms 92 and verse 12 stood out to me. It says; “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” The description caught my attention. What is David trying to say? What is he describing? So I thought on it for some time. Think on it with me if you will…

The desert is a very dry and desolate place. Not much around to sustain life. In fact, it is a place that is stripped of life or what can give it--water, food, shelter, etc. The temperatures are extremely hot! At night, the temperatures drop to extreme lows. If I were to cross or hike through a desert I would want to bring food, water and some form of shelter to survive. If I were to travel through a very large desert, I would have to plan my trip around rare oases to replenish water.

Where do palm trees grow in the desert? Where there is water. Who is the water of life? In the desert, a traveler can see the palm tree a long way off and knows there is water. Why, because it grows tall and it is green. It is different from all the dead brown around it. It has life! A traveler is drawn to the palm tree because it is a sign of hope, an oasis, evidence of life giving water.

Education page 116 says it so well; “The palm tree, beaten by the scorching sun and fierce sandstorms, stands green and flourishing and fruitful in the midst of the desert… The tree of the desert is a symbol of what God means the life of His children in this world to be. They are to guide weary souls, full of unrest, and ready to perish in the desert of sin, to the living water.” Who is the living water? Jesus Christ!           

No matter how many times we may be beaten, scorched and live in a difficult environment; we may tap our roots into Jesus Christ the life giving water. We may stand tall, giving the sinner hope and directing them to life—Jesus Christ. He is the answer to all their needs. This is how our lives as Christians will be useful and influence those around us. Sink your roots deep and stand tall my friends giving hope and the answer for life to all those with whom you come in contact.