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God and Uncle Roger

By Pastor Casey Higgins

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” Genesis 18:14
Rebecca Lippert tells this story of her Uncle Roger in the book Unsolved Miracles.
Never had she prayed so earnestly as when she learned that her beloved uncle, Roger, was near death and in a semi-coma. He had never openly given his life to the Lord, and now he was facing death without a seeming chance of doing so.
She and a friend started praying that God would give Uncle Roger another opportunity to accept Jesus. This would require sending the right person to him as he was in a hospital quite a distance from Rebecca, and then bringing Roger out of the semi-coma for that person.
Rebecca made plans to fly to the city Roger was hospitalized in, hoping to arrive in time to speak with him but the news was not encouraging. His vital signs were beginning to fail.
Then something remarkable happened. Suddenly Roger became alert and was able to visit with some family members that were in his room. Shortly after Roger had become alert, a family friend who was a physician and a dedicated Christian happened to come into his room. While he was visiting Roger, he felt strongly impressed to share with Roger the gospel invitation and invite Roger to give his life over to Jesus.
Roger listened thoughtfully and when invited to accept Jesus as his Savior he said he was considering it but needed more time.
Then not long after that visit Roger slipped back into a coma and was unresponsive.
Anxiously the family awaited his death fearing he had lost his final opportunity for salvation.
Hours later, he seemed to rally once again, became alert, and talked with those who were in his room. He asked them, “Did you see him?”
Who? they asked.
The man who came into the room and stood here by my bed!
No, they hadn’t. But they wanted to know if he had considered the things the friend and physician had talked with him about earlier?
“Oh,” Roger replied, “I said yes” to this man who had come to him while in the coma.
Later Roger returned to the comatose state and then passed away peacefully.
Rebecca arrived hours later and learned how God had answered her prayers for her uncle’s salvation.
Truly, God goes to extremes to answer our prayers for each other.