Adventist Resources
Adventist Education
With more than 850 schools throughout the world, the Seventh-day Adventist education system is a focal learning point for more than 75,000 students a year.

Adventist Mission
Get stories firsthand of how God is working in countries throughout the world. From Asia to Africa and South America, videos focus on young and old inspired to share the Gospel.

Ellen White Estate
An organization dedicated to translating and printing the writings of Ellen G. White, one of the most prolific female writers in modern-day history.

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
The homepage for the Global Church. Find out more about what Adventists believe and why.

The Bible Timeline
A beautiful representation of the Bible as a historical timeline. Presented by Amazing Facts Ministries.

Bible Study Resources
Adult Bible Study Guide
Presented by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, the Adult Bible Study Guide follows the lesson study guide. Several versions are available, including an easy reading version.

Collegiate Quarterly
A devotional Bible-study guide for young adults, ages 18–35, published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The topics for each quarter are based on the same topics as the Adult Bible Study Guide published by the Church.

A free software program that include various versions of the Bible, study guides, commentaries, and dictionaries.

Free Online Bible Study Lessons
A free bible school, presented by

Sabbath School U. (Podcasts)
Audio presentations of the lesson study that can be downloaded for use in your personal media player. 

Sabbath School Study Hour
Presented by Amazing Facts Ministries, the study hour is a video presentation of the lesson study.

Weekly Sabbath School Lesson
Sabbath School Net is operated by lay members of theSeventh-day Adventist Church who volunteer their time so that Bible students around the world can study the Bible online and/or participate in the Bible Study held in Seventh-day Adventist churches (also known as Sabbath School) every seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday), no matter where their location. ​

Books AND Magazines
Adventist Book Center
Books, Bibles, Magazines, and other materials are available at the online ABC Store. 

​Adventist Review
The Adventist Review is the flagship publication of the Adventist Church and contains features and news items from across the globe. The publication has been continuously in print since 1850.

Liberty Magazine
Founded in 1906, Liberty magazine continues to be the preeminent resource for matters of religious freedom.​

Lifestyle Magazine
Lifestyle Magazine, a televised program, has a long tradition of featuring outstanding guests and timely topics that make every show helpful and thought-provoking. 

Mission Quarterly
For youth and adults alike, this publication features stories of faith in action from across the globe. Presented by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Office of Adventist Mission.

Pacific Press Publishing
Established in 1874, the Pacific Press is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Its sole purpose is to uplift Jesus Christ in communicating biblical teachings, health principles, and family values—in many languages—through various types of printed materials, video products, and recordings of Christian music.

Signs of the Times Magazine
Signs of the Times, a monthly magazine, encourages readers to lead joyful Christian lives as they await the soon return of Jesus.

Vibrant Life
A health magazine presenting health principles in a modern way that works for people who are busy. The magazine gives practical, affordable suggestions that fit into demanding schedules and help people prevent and fight disease.

Radio and Television

Adventist World Radio
From its first broadcast more than 40 years ago, AWR has been carrying the voice of hope to the unreached people groups of the world in their own languages.

Amazing Facts
In every area of outreach — whether radio or TV, publications, prophecy seminars, training programs, Bible schools, or the internet — Amazing Facts is giving people the biblical answers they need to make an informed and heartfelt decision for Christ, and equipping them to lead others to Him.

Hope Channel
The official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Hope Channel offers programs on wholistic Christian living and focuses of faith, health, relationships, and community.

It Is Written
A television and radio ministry that provides uplifting messages and Bible studies.

LifeTalk Radio
Providing hope and stability through Christian music, Bible teaching, and inspirational messages.

Loma Linda University Broadcasting Network (LLBN)
Dedicated to sharing Christ and changing lives since 1996, LLBN broadcasts a variety of inspirational, lifestyle, educational, musical, and talk show programs in multiple languages.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network
A 24-hour Christian television and radio network, with various programs.

Voice of Prophecy
Since 1929, the Voice of Prophecy produces weekly radio broadcasts and other uplifting media.

Resources for Children

Audio & Video
Adventures in Odyssey
Created for children ages 8-12 (but loved by listeners of all ages), Adventures in Odyssey is a 30-minute drama that combines the faith lessons parents appreciate with characters and stories that kids love.

Ranger Bill
Ranger Bill is a Christian radio program from the 1950s, produced by Moody Radio. With more than 200 episodes produced, ​Ranger Bill follows the adventures of Ranger Bill Jefferson and his friends as they work to solve problems from a Christian worldview.

Your Story Hour (All ages)
Hundreds of thousands of people have grown up listening to the stories of Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue. Now those audio adventures are available to a new generation via their website. 

Bible Study Resources
Amazing Adventures (Ages 8-12)
A Bible study presented by Amazing Facts Ministries. 

Beginner (Ages 0-2)
Presented by Gracelink, Bible studies for beginners are available in various languages. 

Kindergarten (Ages 3-4)
Presented by Gracelink, Bible studies for kindergarteners are available in various languages. 

Primary (Ages 5-9)
Presented by Gracelink, Bible studies for primary ages are available in various languages.

Junior Powerpoints (Ages 10-14)
Presented by Gracelink, Powerpoints provides Bible studies available in various languages. Also available are podcasts.

Real Time Faith (Ages 13-14)
A Sabbath School Bible Study Guide designed for Earliteens in the Sabbath School department at the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The lessons are designed for Earliteens to incorporate in their daily Bible study. The lessons provide the basis for learning and discussion in the Earliteen Sabbath School class.

Cornerstone Connections (Ages 15-18)
A Sabbath School Bible Study Guide developed for high school teens in the Sabbath School department at the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is based on a four-year “through-the-Bible” study curriculum. The lessons are intended for teens to use in their daily Bible study and to provide the basis for learning and discussion in youth Sabbath School.

Bible Guides
Magazines and articles that seek to answer questions about life and faith from a biblical perspective. 

Children's Mission Quarterly
Stories of how God's Word is reaching people throughout the world, including how young children are working to make a difference. Presented by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Office of Adventist Mission.

Guide Magazine (Ages 10-14)
Guide publishes nonfiction stories that show children how to walk with God now and forever.

Our Little Friend (Ages 1-4)
From stories to activities and games, the Our Little Friend website also features audio of the lesson study for children to listen to.

The Primary Treasure (Ages 5-10)
From stories to activities and games, the Primary Treasure website also features audio of the lesson study for children to listen to.

Sabbath Adventures
Bible Games
Featuring word searches, matching games, and Bible trivia, this site seeks to help answer questions on life and faith from a biblical perspective. 

Bible Question and Answers
Children have questions and this site has answers. From death and depression to suffering and the Second Coming, this site seeks to help children understand issues from a biblical perspective. 

Crossword Puzzles
Activities for youth from the Powerpoints website. 

Heroes of Faith Coloring Book
Pages to color from Amazing Facts Heroes of Faith series. 

Sabbath Ideas
More than 300 Sabbath activity ideas to enhance the joy of Sabbath hours for children, teens, and adults.